"Oppression tries to defend itself by its utility."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Talking Points #4: Walker Hot Art Injection

As I went through a ton of websites I realized that teens are very rarely the creators and producers of their own media that is highlighted as meaningful or even purposeful. I chose the Wallace Foundation as a place of focus. Similar to New Urban Arts, the Wallace Foundation provides a space for teens to create media and art. While searching the website, I found a great article about the Walker Inject. This was a multi-purpose event that the teens coordinated, executed, and then held an art gallery opening of teen created media and art. They wanted to highlight the media that they were creating that varied from dance, zines', radio programs, computer programs, films, and a ton of other forms of media and art. They turned an old soap factor into an art gallery an extremely short time and then created a board that would choose from over 100 pieces of teen created media and art that would be shown at the gallery's opening.

I have this new obsession with visual art and media as an alternative space to the mainstream. This space is more space and has an audience that is more accepting of expressions of protest especially against the mainstream machine. I am motivated by these teens in wanting to create and express meaningful, purposeful art from within.


  1. this really sounds like a good program I also found it amazing that in such a short time they transformed the art gallery.

  2. It is cool that they organized and held their own art gallery.

  3. The Wallace Foundation appears to be a great place for kids to become producers.